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P/N 500-2(XXX)
TSOA C5e / C6d


Will convert from the ARINC 429 Bus, any label that has a Binary Angle Data field. The unit is available in a single ARINC 407 output and a unit with up to three outputs. The unit provides a flag reference for each output via an internal relay. The flag circuits of the multiple output unit can easily be daisy chained to create a common flag for two or more outputs. The units check the SSM of the incoming data words and the presence of the AC REF voltage to set the relay valid.


D/S-100 500-2301

D/S-100 500-2200

D/S-100 500-2011

Inquire for other variations.


P/N 550-2000

This unit digitizes up to 3 Labels of ARINC 407 Synchro, with common 26 VAC references. Then it merges this digital Synchro with one optional ARINC 429 input bus and transmits ARINC 429 high or low speed, as factory selected


AHRS-500 550-2000

Inquire for other variations.


P/N 500-8510
PMA 747-200


This unit converts ARINC 429 Label 121, Roll Command Angle, to AC analog 393 mV per degree output. The design requires 26 VAC input reference voltage. A valid flag is the closure of an internal relay.


ATT-500 500-8510

Inquire for other variations.